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Love for all ages: how to find your destiny at 70

Another way of socialization, which resorts to the majority of older, but active retirees – visiting day care homes called Adult Day Care. In New York, a lot of them. With a bit of humor, such centers are lovingly and ironically called "kindergartens." Older people spend their time there, exercise, play board games, listen to lectures on art and watch movies.

In such centers, older people even fall in love and marry. Zinovy Vatel and Raisa Rogova met in just one of these “kindergartens” when they were both around 70.

68-year-old Zinovy came to New York from Kiev, along with his sons and wife after the end of his career as a psychiatrist. His adaptation to the new life was quite difficult - an unfamiliar language that the man did not know, and a new culture. According to Zinovy, the first years he cooked borscht and watched his grandchildren. He was eager to go to work, but at home, he was more necessary.

After the death of his wife, Zinovy was very sad, and one of his sons advised him to go to a special center where he could communicate with people of his own age. Zinovy agreed and went to the “kindergarten”, where he met his future wife Raisa. Since then, they have not parted. The couple had a lot in common: both of them were doctors in the past, both had a healthy lifestyle and both had fled from the Soviet regime.

Raisa flew to New York at the same age as Zinovy. Together with her were two daughters. Raisa lost her husband before the move. A woman came to the center to recover from depression after the death of her spouse and make new acquaintances in order not to feel lonely in the city of the Big Apple.
After meeting Raisa and Zinovy, they moved to a new center, which was more convenient for them to visit. There they played a small wedding.
"Kindergarten" revealed in the former psychiatrist the artist's talent: Zinovy began to make three-dimensional paintings. Together with Raisa, he also lectured in Russian for other retirees about healthy lifestyles. The man didn’t have a chance to learn English, even though he tried to master it, but Raisa, on the contrary, was able to learn English and speaks quite well on it.

Kindergarten for adults for the elderly is paid by the insurance company. The number of visiting hours is determined by a specialist from the company; for this, an individual medical assessment of the human condition is carried out.

For example, Zinovy can only come to the “kindergarten” for 2 days due to his age and illness. Raisa does not attend him at all - she cannot walk on her own. Instead, a home attendant goes to her house. And this service is also covered by insurance. The company, among other things, advises on getting Medicare insurance.

Please note: Anyone over the age of 65 who meets the requirements of the program can get Medicare. Diseases in history do not interfere with getting insurance.

The physical condition is not an obstacle for obtaining health insurance. Moreover, in some cases, this can be a serious reason for receiving preferential insurance. In most cases, you can expect financial expenses. This plan is intended for elderly people with chronic diseases who want and can be at home, or in day care homes for the elderly (the so-called "kindergartens"). The question is that the level of service in different companies is different, therefore day-care homes for the elderly, in particular, do not work with all insurances. The most advantageous are people who have both Medicare and Medicaid. This is possible with a low income. But you will not have to pay for receiving such a service as a housekeeper/home attendant or for visiting a “kindergarten”.

Many other elderly people who came to America from the countries of the former CIS, is confident that old age with any level of wealth in the United States cannot be compared with the life of a pensioner in the same Russia or Ukraine. After all, America is created primarily for people and cares about the comfort of everyone.

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